What is Place Value in Maths?

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Tiffany has been learning about Place Value in maths and has discovered many interesting facts.

Did you know?

We use the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 to make all the numbers we use

If we want to make numbers bigger than 9 we have to put more than one digit together.

Where each digit goes depends on its place in that number. That place has a particular value, hence the term Place Value.

How does Place Value Work?

437 Random Numbers

The 4, 3 and 7 above do not make a number but the 4, 3 and 7 below make the number four hundred and thirty-seven, 437

Number 437

This is because each digit is in its correct position to make 437.


Understanding Hundreds, Tens and Ones

There is one single block so we write the digit 1 in the ones column.

Seven ones

Here we have seven single blocks so we write the digit 7 in the ones column.

Block of ten

Ten single blocks make a block of ten. Here we have one ten and no ones.

Thirty Two in tens and ones - place value

Here we have three blocks of ten and two single blocks so we put 3 in the tens column and 2 in the ones column.

One Hundred

Ten blocks of ten make a block of one hundred. Here we have a block of one hundred with no tens or ones.

One Hundred and Thirty Two

Here are one block of one hundred, three blocks of ten and two single blocks. We write a 1 in the hundreds column, a 3 in the tens column and 2 in the ones column, which gives the number 132.


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