What Are Number Bonds?

Tiffany Maths dress

Tiffany likes maths and loves to learn how to calculate. She likes to wear her numbers dress when she is learning maths.

Tiffany has been learning all about number bonds.

Did you know?

The term number bond means bonding or adding two numbers together to make another number.

Number bonds are also called number pairs or number partners.

Knowing the number bonds of 10, 20 and 100 is very useful when making calculations.

How are number bonds found?

You can find the number bond of any number by working out all the combinations of numbers that can be added together to make that number. 

For example:

Number Bonds to Ten

Number bonds to ten

Number bonds to Twenty

Number bonds to twenty

Number bonds to 100 in 10s

Number bonds to one hundred in tens

Tiffany has enjoyed learning about number bonds and now understands how they work. She summed up her learning with the following keywords:

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