What are Hieroglyphs?

Egyptian Tiffany
Tiffany is very interested in the past and loves learning about different historical periods. She likes to wear the clothes of the period she is learning about.

Tiffany has been learning about Egyptian Hieroglyphs and has discovered many interesting facts.

Did you know –

The Ancient Egyptians developed a system of writing using pictures and symbols for letters and numbers. 

Hieroglyphic writing could be written in rows or columns. 

In rows it could be written from left to right or from right to left. If written from left to right the animals would be facing left and if written from right to left the animals would be facing right.

Egyptian hieroglyphs

Double letters are not used in hieroglyphs, words are made up of sounds. For example: Tiffany would be written tifany

In columns hieroglyphs were read from top to bottom.

What are the letter hieroglyphs?


hieroglyphs a a      Hieroglyph bb      hieroglyph c and kc,k      hieroglyph dd      hieroglyph e and ye,y       hieroglyph f f      hieroglyph gg       hieroglyph h h      hieroglyph ii     hieroglyph j j       hieroglyph l l       hieroglyph m m    hieroglyph n n      hieroglyph o o       hieroglyph pp      hieroglyph qq      hieroglyph r r      hieroglyph ss       hieroglyph t t       hieroglyph u, wu, w      hieroglyph x, zx, z      hieroglyph ch ch      hieroglyph shsh       hieroglyph th th


What are the number hieroglyphs?

hieroglyph number 1 1      hieroglyph number 1010    hieroglyph number 100100      hieroglyph number 100 1,000      hieroglyph number 1000010,000     hieroglyph number 100,000100,000    hieroglyph 1 million 1 million


As you can see Tiffany has learned all the letter and number hieroglyphs. She was able to write her name in hieroglyphs:

hieroglyph t hieroglyph i hieroglyph f hieroglyph a hieroglyph n hieroglyph e and y