Understanding Basic Addition

Tiffany Maths dress

Tiffany likes maths and loves to learn how to calculate. She likes to wear her numbers dress when she is learning maths.

Tiffany has been learning basic addition – how to add single digit numbers together.

Did you know?

You can use objects or your fingers to help with adding numbers together.

When numbers are added together the answer is always a bigger number.

How do we add two numbers together?

2 blocks

Here are two blocks

Here are two more blocks. If we count all the blocks we can see we now have four blocks. We have added them together.

four blocks

If we write this as a sum it will look like this:

2 add 2 equals 4

The + (plus) sign indicates that the blocks need to be added together and the = (equals) sign is used before writing the total.


You can use objects or your fingers to make adding easier

5 hearts

Here are five hearts

5 hearts

Here are another five hearts. If we add all the hearts together by counting them, we will find we have ten hearts.

ten hearts


Tiffany has learned enjoyed learning about basic addition. She summed up her learning with the following keywords: 

add, addition, equals, numbers, objects, plus, sum, total