Facts about Ireland

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During her travels she discovered lots of interesting facts about Ireland.

Did you know –

Ireland’s full name is the Republic of Ireland. It has a border with Northern Ireland. The map below shows the main cities of Ireland.


Republic of Ireland Map

What is the flag of Ireland?

The flag of Ireland is made up of three vertical stripes – green, white and orange.  The patron saint of Ireland is Saint Patrick.

Republic of Ireland Flag


What is the capital city of Ireland?

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland with a population of around 600,000 people.

Facts about Ireland - capital city Dublin

This is a picture of Dublin, the capital city of Ireland.

Dublin is built on the River Liffey. The bridge you can see in the picture is the Samuel Becket Bridge, a famous landmark named after one of Ireland’s great playwrights.

Other famous landmarks in Dublin include:

Dublin Castle, Trinity College, The Book of Kells (in Trinity College), The Spire of Dublin, The Statue of Molly Malone, The Famine Memorial, The Ha’penny Bridge and The Mansion House.

What is the longest river in Ireland?

River Shannon

This is a picture of the River Shannon, Ireland’s longest river. The building shown on the river is a hydro-electric power station that produces electricity for the surrounding area.

The River Shannon is 360.5km (224 miles).

Lakes are called loughs in Ireland and the largest is Lough Carrib. It is 43.5km (27 miles) long and 16.1km (10 miles) wide.

What is the highest mountain in Ireland?


This is a picture of Ireland’s highest mountain, Carrauntoohil. It is 1038 metres high (3,406ft). It is in County Kerry in the south-west of Ireland.


What is Ireland famous for?

Green fields of Ireland

Ireland is famous for its green unspoilt countryside and rugged coastline.

Irish Potato Famine memorial

The Great Famine of 1854, also known as the Irish Potato Famine is one of the saddest events in Irish history. Thousands of people died of starvation when their main food crop, the potato, failed.

Those that were able to left Ireland for other countries, especially America and Canada.

The picture on the left shows a memorial on the Dublin quay. The thin figures carrying their meagre possessions are walking towards the emigration ships.

What other Things Associated with Ireland?


Guinness – a popular Irish dark beer.


Leprechaun – A mythical Irish fairy. Usually depicted as an old man wearing a green or red jacket. It is considered lucky if you see one.

Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing – a traditional dance where the emphasis is on the movement of the lower body. The arms do not move but stay at the side of the body.


Can you name some famous Irish People?

Here are Tiffany’s top 20 famous people from the Republic of Ireland:

Barry McGuigan, Bob Geldof, Colin Farrell, Daniel Day Lewis, Enya, Ernest Shackleton, F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Bernard Shaw, Graham Norton, James Joyce, Jonathan Swift, Kenneth Branagh, Louis Walsh, Michael Collins, Michael Flatley, Niall Quinn, Sinéad O’Connor, Terry Wogan, Tony Ryan, U2

Daniel Day Lewis


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