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Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe. It has a border with France, Portugal and Andorra. The map below shows the main cities of Spain.

The flag of Spain is made up of three horizontal bands of red and yellow. The Spanish Coat of Arms lies on the central yellow band.

Map of SpainFlag of Spain











Cibeles Palace madrid

The Capital city of Spain is Madrid which is located in the centre of Spain and stands on the River Manzanares.

This is a picture of the Cibeles Palace which is a major landmark in Madrid. In front of the Palace building is a statue and fountain.

Madrid is home to the football team Real Madrid one of the biggest and most successful football clubs in Spain.

Other famous landmarks in Madrid include:

The Royal Palace, Madrid Cathedral, Templo de Debod (Egyptian temple), Gran Vía (major street) and many plazas


This is a picture of the river Ebro flowing through Zaragoza. The river Ebro is the longest river in Spain measuring 910 km (565 miles). The source, or beginning of the river is in Fontibre near the Portuguese border. It then travels south-east across Spain before reaching the Mediterranean Sea.

The longest river that passes through Spain is the Tajo. It is 1007 km (626 miles) long but only 710 km (441 miles) is in Spain the other 297 km (185 miles are in Portugal.


Mulhacen mountain Spain

This is a picture of the Mulhacen mountain in the Sierra Nevada near Almeria. It is the highest mountain in Spain and reaches a height of 3,478 metres (11,413 ft)

The largest lake in Spain is Lago de Sanabria measuring 3.3 km (2.1 miles) long and 1.47 km (0.9 miles) wide. It is located in the Sanabria National Park.


Alhambra Palace picture courtesy Wikipedia

The Alhambra Palace in Granada is a famous landmark in Spain. It was originally a fortress built in 892 but was enlarged and made into a palace by the Moorish King, Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar in 1333. After the Moors were sent out of Spain it was no longer used. It was re-discovered 400 years later and restored to its former glory. It is now a major tourist attraction in Spain.



Spain is also famous for La Tomatino, an annual tomato fight that happens on the last Wednesday of August. Those taking part have to squash the tomatoes before they are thrown to avoid injuring anyone. Around 150,000 tomatoes are thrown during the event.


Other things associated with Spain are:

Spanish Wine

Wine - An alcoholic drink made from grapes, yeast and sugar

Flamenco Dancing

Flamenco Dancing - A traditional folk dance from southern Spain.


Paella - A traditional Spanish dish consisting of saffron coloured rice cooked with fish and vegetables


Key words associated with Spain are:

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20 Famous Spanish People

        Antonio Banderas, Antonio Gaudi, David Ferrer, Enrique Inglesias, Fernando Alonso, Fernando Torres, Francisco Goya, Hernando Cortes, Ignatius of Loyola, Juan Carlos, Juan Ponce de Leon, Miguel Cervantes, Montserrat Caballe, Pablo Picasso, Penelope Cruz, Placido Domingo, Rafael Nadal, Salvador Dali, Sergio Garcia, Seve Ballesteros


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