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The Ancient Egyptians developed a system of writing using pictures and symbols for letters and numbers. 

Hieroglyphic writing could be written in rows or columns. In rows it could be written from left to right or from right to left. If written from left to right the animals would be facing left and if written from right to left the animals would be facing right. In columns hieroglyphs were read from top to bottom.


a as a hieroglyph a      b as a hieroglyphb      c and k as hieroglyphc, k      d as a hieroglyphd      e and y as a hieroglyphe,y     f as a hieroglyph f      g as a hieroglyphg     h as a hieroglyphh     i as a hieroglyphi     j as a hieroglyph j      l as a hieroglyph        m as a hieroglyph m      n as a hieroglyph n      o as a hieroglypho      p as a hieroglyph p      q as a hieroglyphq      r as a hieroglyph r      s as a hieroglyphs      t as a hieroglypht       u, w as a hieroglyphu,v      x and z as a hieroglyphx,z      ch as a hieroglyphch      sh as a hieroglyphsh      th as a hieroglyphth



1 hieroglyph 1      10 hieroglyph10      100 hieroglyph100     1000 hieroglyph1,000     10,000 hieroglyph10,000   100,000 hieroglyph100,000     1 million hieroglyph1,000,000




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Heather Y Wheeler. (2015). Hieroglyphs. Available: Last accessed

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